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Originally from Cleveland, OH, Mike ‘Pish’ Piscioneri is a writer, actor, and filmmaker who has experience on and off camera. His extensive training in improv (Second City – Chicago, ImprovOlympic & Annoyance Theater) has helped in developing his imagination for story. His writing & filmmaking experience help provide him an extensive foundation in which to build and create Project Blackfish Productions. Since 2004, Pish has been based in LA, where he has been involved with numerous projects, including theater, film, commercials, and TV.

Actor Website: IMDB

Lori Ann Piscioneri originally established herself as an opera singer, performing on stages all around the world in operas, musical theater, and in concerts with orchestras such as BBC Symphony Orchestra and LA Philharmonic. Her acting credentials include plays and dance, as young as age 3. Her production skills, set decorating, script supervising, writing, and directing bring a unique strength to Project Blackfish Productions. In addition to stage and film work, Lori Ann maintains a Los Angeles based voice studio called Voice Academy LA.

Singer Website: loriannfuller.com

Online Voice Studio: voiceacademyla.com

Paul Sweet got his start with writing and performing music in Columbus Ohio. Moving to Los Angeles, he moved into the classic car industry where capturing the nuances of a vehicle meant everything when it came to photographing cars for magazines and auctions. Paul’s creative process and eye for detail bring a unique perspective to the execution of our projects.