Life Is Wonderful

A short film with a big impact!
Lilly does whatever it takes to keep it together in this emotional journey as she navigates a major loss in her life.


Cast & Crew

Michael Piscioneri

Rick, Writer, Director, Cinematographer

Lori Ann Piscioneri

Lilly, Producer

Angela Kostreba


David Kostreba

Boom Operator

Movie Stills


There are a million miscarriages in the US alone every year, and nearly 20 percent of those who suffer that tragedy have lingering depression and anxiety as a result. The new short “Life Is Wonderful” by writer-director Mike Piscioneri and his wife Lori Ann Fuller (who stars in and produces it) offers a touching look at one woman who’s struggling to recover from her own miscarriage. In just seven minutes, the duo take viewers on a powerful emotional journey as they use flashbacks to show the tragic event, woven together with in-the-present footage of her running through a starkly beautiful snowscape. 

Viewers piece together the mystery of what’s driving Lily on her run through frigid conditions, as she encounters a concerned neighbor who asks how she’s coping with the at-first-unspecified event. As the flashbacks interweave with the present run, we see Lily find resilience and eventually renewed hope and happiness. Throughout, Fuller is affecting and delivers a wide range of emotions in strong fashion, while Piscioneri gets maximum impact out of minimalist styling. Shot in Ohio in February 2020, “Wonderful” also features a moving piano-based score throughout that underscores the film’s transformation from somberness to hope. 

“Wonderful” marks a wonderful display of this couple’s ample filmmaking talents, as it’s a 180-degree shift from their debut short “The Slender Dwarf,” which was a fast-paced and riveting darkly comic thriller. Seeing them leap successfully across such broadly disparate genres should make any viewer eager to see what they pull off next. 

– Carl Kozlowski, Pasadena Weekly

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