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The Slender Dwarf

the slender dwarf
Not everything is as it seems in this bizarre dark comedy about the last surviving plant with mysterious healing powers that stands between the man who needs it to survive and the man determined to destroy it.

On Point

Maria had studied ballet since she was a girl and always had a dream of dancing with the most prestigious ballet companies in the world. Her dream was shattered when she was involved in a tragic accident that left her unable to dance and with a huge appetite for revenge.


Set during the 1970’s in an Italian neighborhood known as Collinwood. An undersized kid with an oversized mouth goes to great lengths to discover the truth about his father. Obstacles arise around every corner, and his determination eventually leads him down a rabbit hole he may never come out of…alive.


A psychological thriller set in the world of opera. Reality continuously blurs with obsession for a once renowned opera star who is making her comeback. Will the daunting and maddening character of Lucia swallow another unsuspecting victim’s soul, or will she fight to maintain sanity and get back on top?